About Us
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About Us

Meet the Instahaus Team

We are a small but passionate team of designers, builders and engineers. We limit ourselves to approximately 12 builds per year to ensure quality is always second to none.

Greg Day

Partner Instahaus – Construction and Engineering

Greg is a master carpenter and it was whilst working throughout Europe and Germany in the 1990s Greg become familiar with the post and beam construction techniques being developed by cutting edge company’s such as Hoff Haus. Working for Hecht Holtz Bau (a major player in the German Timber frame sector) as a subcontractor gave Greg an insight into pre-manufacturing of timber frame houses and the efficiency of the concept.

After continuing to work in the sector across the USA, Australia and New Zealand Greg returned to the UK in 2000 to set up his carpentry business, eventually starting to build his own concept of transportable high performance houses. With Greg’s back ground in traditional oak framing and complex structural design combined with his knowledge of timber engineering he set out to design a house that fulfilled his ideals of …..Thermal efficiency, affordability, structural integrity, longevity and portability.

The first InstaHaus was designed in 2006 with further versions refined to a product launch in 2017.

Kate Day

Partner Instahaus – Designer

Kate has a wide and varied background in design from Graphics to Offices, Shop & Café fit outs, top end designer bespoke kitchens to contemporary agricultural barn conversions.

Whatever the budget or size constraints, the ethos is always the same, the design must “work”. By listening carefully while taking a brief, focusing on customer’s needs, desires and lifestyle, the result is not only highly functional but when combined with Kate’s keen eye and design flair, its aesthetically pleasing too.

I enjoy the challenge of creating a highly functional living space within a limited area, and within budget, yet with maximum impact.  Style does not have to be compromised to achieve thisKate Day

The particular joy of Instahaus is that while working within the legal parameters of a mobile home you have the interior design and decorating scope of a conventional house so you can enjoy all the comforts and luxuries of a normal home.

Rob Small

Partner Instahaus – Sales and Customer Support

Rob will likely be your first point of contact on your Instahaus journey. As head of Customer Support he understands the Instahaus product in exceptional detail and will be only too happy to guide you through the options and features available to you.

To find out more about Instahaus contact Rob here.